Project Update: Ogden’s clock tower

HMS has been working closely with client Liverpool Mutual Homes on a £3.1m regeneration project that is breathing new life into one of Everton’s best-loved historic buildings.

Built in 1899, the Grade II listed Ogden’s factory office block is both an important local landmark and a key part of Liverpool’s industrial heritage.

HMS’ specialist construction teams are transforming the structure to host 19 modern apartments for affordable rent. When complete, the renovated clock tower will be the signature architectural feature in LMH’s £19m ‘Ogden’s Place’ development.

The project team reached its first major milestone last week as the restored Victorian clock faces were reinstated and major structural works came to an end, enabling the first fix of internal stud walls to begin.

Considerate conservation

Ogden’s clock tower had lain empty for almost 10 years, following the factory’s closure in March 2007. When some HMS’ construction team arrived on site in May 2017, many areas were in a state of serious disrepair.

The first six months of the year-long renovation and reconfiguration project focused on repairing the external structure, including the pressed red brick/sandstone façade and the clock tower, which give the site its unique character.

A full scaffold was erected to the building’s highest point, which enabled the full restoration of all original features, including stone/brickwork and slate roofs.

Specialist sub-contractor Calibre Metalwork carefully removed and restored the iconic clock faces, which were craned back into position in November.

Experienced HMS Site Manager Ian Welsh said, “It’s great to see Ogden’s clock tower being restored to its former glory after years of decline and neglect.”

“The next major task is to turn the 120-year old iconic office building into 19 sleek modern apartments, in line with 21st century building regulations whilst retaining as many original features as possible.” Historic design elements inside the clock tower include the ornate Liver Bird entrance mosaic, grand Jacobean staircase and carved timber fireplaces.

These unique elements, along with the high ceilings, decorative covings, oak panelling and restored timber sash windows, will be protected for the duration of internal reconfiguration works.

The end result will deliver distinctive homes that meet modern living standards and local housing needs.

Full completion is due in May 2018.

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